Beijing Qinghe hospital

The building area of our hospital is around 45,000 square meters, including outpatient departments and inpatient departments. There are more than 200 common beds, and another 48 beds for stem cell transplantation in laminar flow wards, 4 operating rooms, and 8 ICU. All the above enablesthe hospital tomeet the needs of a large number of patients quickly and effectively.

The hospital possesses leading laboratory testing and diagnostic treatment technologies, as well asHSCT technologies ofinternational advanced levelsuch as allogeneic-HSCT, Haploidentical HSCT,HLA matched sibling and unrelated HSCT, and twin autologous transplantation. The hospital also has unique ultra-clean laboratory (GLP), molecular biology laboratory, tissue matching laboratory, cytogenetics and molecular genetics laboratory, flow cytology laboratory, blood cell separation room and other special diagnosis and treatment laboratories to provide safe and effective technical supportfor patients.

In addition to the Department of Hematology, our hospital also offers services of acomprehensive range of outpatient disciplines, including ophthalmology, internal medicine, surgery, ENT, traditional Chinese medicine, and over a dozen of others. All of whichare equipped with advanced domestic and oversea inspection and treatment equipment, such as Eagle Femtosecond Laser, CT and MRImachines , DR equipment, and type-B ultrasound machines. Qinghe Hospital strives to provide a full range of protective shelter for the health of the surrounding residents.

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